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As part of its outstanding Young Brightstars Programme, The Brightstar Group is hosting a special event focusing on the theme of ‘Overcoming Adversity’.


The event will see inspirational speaker and Motor Neurone Disease sufferer, Alex Gibson, addressing an audience that will include the ‘Young Brightstars’ (the five young athletes sponsored by Brightstar) and their parents.


Alex Gibson, 44, is hugely inspirational and was diagnosed with MND in 2018. A former GB decathlete, rugby player and nutritionist, Alex has been celebrated for his charity work and fitness achievements. In 2022 he added another impressive feat to his collection by completing a 185-mile bike ride of the Outer Hebrides in 24 hours. Alongside this, Alex has put his experience into founding Challenging MND. Whilst most MND charities admirably raise money for much needed medical research, Challenging MND sets out to create memorable challenges or experiences for people living with MND, giving them; their friends; and families; lifelong memories that can never be taken away. Challenging MND also supports family carers to ensure that they get the chance for respite in their caring duties, by paying for professional carers to sit with their loved ones, to allow them to recharge their batteries.


MND is a debilitating progressive disease which involves degeneration of the motor neurones and wasting of muscles. Throughout the deterioration of the functioning of the body, the mind remains sharp and unaffected, thus making the importance of memorable occasions invaluable. Every day, 6 people are diagnosed with Motor Neurone Disease.


Alex will deliver a presentation at the event that will share his journey and his extraordinary achievements, all of which will aim to provide inspiration to the Young Brightstars and help the young athletes to understand that experiencing failure and overcoming adversity is part of sport and indeed life.


Also in attendance at the event will be Challenging MND Trustee, Paul Everitt, Brightstar Group CEO, Rob Jupp and Group Director of People Development, Clare Jupp. The industry duo provided the inspiration for the hugely acclaimed Young Learners and Young Brightstars programmes which aim to support young people in their careers in business and sport.


Young Brightstars lead, Andrew Cappaert commented:

“I am delighted to introduce Alex to the Young Brightstars. Having personally known Alex for over 20 years; played rugby alongside him and help him set up Challenging MND, I have been privileged to have heard Alex speak on many occasions, and he still inspires me each time I hear him speak. This promises to be an outstanding event and I feel confident that it will not only inspire everyone in the room but also and drive our young athletes onto greater things.”

Brightstar currently sponsors 4 young athletes; Brand Ambassador, Benjy Mills, Ovie Jeyivo, Thinod Don Balage and Holly Bashman. Also joining the outstanding line up for 2023 will be talented golfer, Ethan Roos who like his counterparts, promises to have an exceptional career ahead of him.